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About Everything Unscripted 

Everything Unscripted is a digital media company featuring Family, Food, Travel & Fun in Atlantic Canada! We support local business, highlight what’s awesome about Atlantic Canada, and promote our East Coast provinces through our travel and lifestyle pieces.
We love working with local businesses, so if you want to chat about working with us, we would be happy to see if our audience is the right fit for you. For more details on what we do, click here.
My name’s Ruth Ann, the voice and creator behind Everything Unscripted. We are a family of 4 +3 furbabies, husband Doug, and two boys (a 15 yr old and 6 yr old), our two cats, Max and Flash, and our pup Bo. We share our adventures exploring where we live, through road trips, weekend wanderings, beach visits and various outings to explore the East Coast of Canada.
I am a true believer in sharing the reality just outside the perfectly cropped photo! You know exactly what I mean, we all have stacks of papers, dirty laundry and toys left out, or some variation of that “clutter” or “mess” or perhaps the better term is, “reality”! I am open about my struggles with anxiety, finding balance, getting healthy, and pretty much everything. The reason I started my blog and this page has always been to share what I am doing in hopes it will help just one other person, who may need to hear what I am going through and not feel alone, or may need help planning meals, or simple recipes, or is looking for a fun and frugal vacation idea for their family…the list goes on. The point is, I try to share what I feel may be helpful to someone reading.
So, you might tune in to my weekly Facebook Live show, In The Kitchen, to see what I am meal prepping, or creating in the kitchen, you may like the support local series we are creating as we profile local Maritime businesses, or you tune in for the Just Ask series with local experts…whatever the reason is for following, I thank you, and hope you find something here to keep you coming back for more!
In addition to blogging and social media, I enjoy speaking at events and teaching seminars, presenting many topics from being your authentic self, how to meal plan, to the 10 week “Food For Thought” program on feeding your family healthy choices on a tight budget. I love the challenge of creating unique presentations for new audiences.
So, that is me and this business in a nutshell. Be sure to follow us on instagram @ruthunscripted and over on the Facebook Page.  I encourage you to join our Facebook community, of over 21,000, get in on the conversations, explore the video section and experience the social interactions of this community. Thanks for following along in our journey and I look forward to hearing from you, here or on our social channels!
Ruth Ann Swansburg
Freelance Writer, Speaker & Founder
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In The Media 

Blog Contributors:

Michelle Collins
tgiF is a series written by Michelle and is now featured weekly on Michelle’s Blog at This Whole Life! 

Just Ask! Experts:

Dr. Susan Malone

Dr. Susan Malone is a veterinarian with 33 years experience. SHe has been a animal lover since birth, a lifelong learner, excited about life & open to new challenges. 
Dr. Malone is a veterinarian at Maritime Animal Hospital, the sponsors of the Just Ask A Veterinarian series.


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