A Few Thoughtful Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, are you prepared to show mom how much she means? You don’t need to spend anything to let mom know she is appreciated. Here are a few ideas for activities and gifts.

Pampering Mom

Most moms appreciate a little pampering. This is the way to go, especially if she has a busy life and can never seem to take time for herself.

  • Let Her Sleep In: No need to explain this one, let her sleep, even an hour longer than normal, this is a great gesture. This is easily achieved if you tell the kids the night before, that they are to let mommy sleep until a certain time.
  • Time Alone: Pack up the kids and take them to the park, on a road trip or the library for a few hours, or the whole day. Let mom stay home and do whatever she wants (no laundry or cooking allowed!)
  • Gift Certificates: Dads, this tip is for you! Purchase a gift certificate for a manicure, massage, or other pampering service, AND BOOK THE APPOINTMENT (at a time when you can take care of the kids and household)! The last part is the most important. Book that appointment for her, and drop her off. Trust me, I know this first hand, I have a salon gift certificate here that is almost 5 years old!!
Cherished Memories

Often times moms are the ones behind to camera, and rarely in the photos of all the activities she plans and adventures she creates for the family. So today, she is in all the photos!

  • Take Pics For & Of Mom: Plan an outing and take pics of mom with the kids, or even by herself, enjoying her day.
  • Family Portraits: Hire a photographer and have professional photos done. Book a photo shoot and help organize it. Coming up with clothing suggestions is a bonus. Maybe you can even book the family photos, pick out jeans and solid tops in complimentary shades (or buy new tops/sweaters/etc) for the photo shoot. Make it a stress free and enjoyable experience for mom!
  • Frame An All About Page: You know the sheet our kids come home from school with that are “All About (child’s name)”, well, get the kids to make one, all about mom! Ask them to complete sentences like: Mom’s favourite colour is…, Mom’s the best at… etc. Then frame it. You can buy frames at the dollar store. Here is an example.
  • Go for a drive: stop at local markets or for icecream. Pack a picnic and go to the local park for lunch. Visit a beach or hike a trail. Make sure you pack the car with anything you need, so mom just has to hop in and enjoy! Don’t forget the sunscreen or snacks.
Make Her Something

This does not need to be fancy, and if you have little ones, making a craft or card is perfect. Check out our Pinterest Board for ideas!

Mom Likes Coffee Or Tea?

Buy a cute mug and fill it with her favourite tea or coffee. Here are a few ideas on Amazon.ca

For the Gardner Mom:

  • Pick up some seeds and a clay pot (you can paint the pot), at your local garden center, like MacArthur’s Nurseries on Facebook or website.
  • Plant a flower planter for your patio or front step.
  • Weed the garden for her.
  • Plant a tree or bush i the yard, and watch it grow over the years.

~~~~~~~~~ In addition to this list prepared in 2018, you can also check out these Thoughtful and Frugal Mother’s Day ideas!

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  2. Theses are great ideas. I love the idea of pampering mom!!

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