My #80lbJourney – Prep and Freezer Meals

My #80lbJourney- Prep and Freezer Meals

This week was all about getting back on track and getting organized. Between my birthday early last week (2 cakes and cupcakes as well) and getting back on track after being away for a few days, it was a slow start. I did stick to some of my goals, as you will read below, but I used this week to plan ahead and prep.

For me, the hardest thing to control is food. Knowing I am not alone in this feeling, I wanted to share some of my steps to meal planning and prep. 

Like many households, we have a busy schedule, especially during the week. The more meals I can plan ahead, the better. My favorite way to plan ahead is by having healthy options ready or prepared in my freezer. This includes meals I can either reheat or cook in the slow cooker. 

Sunday morning I made upset myself up to prep the following freezer meals: (recipes will be posted and linked this week)

  • Lemon Pesto Chicken (Slow Cooker Meal)
  • Extreme Goulash (cooked, heat on stove top)
  • Trays of Veggies and Chicken (raw, ready for BBQ or Oven)
  • Chili (cooked and portioned

My Extreme Goulash is simply ground meat, pasta, chopped up veggies and a tin of tomatoes. Below you can see the bag holders I LOVE! You can get them here.

Trying to use as many fresh veggies as possible in my meals, while keeping carbs lower. These were my base veggies for my Roasted Veggies and Chicken trays.

While this does not create enough meals for the entire week, I have some to use on our busy days, some are not for me, as I do not eat pasta often. This is a great way to have some meals ready for those days you may feel like cheating and ordering pizza.

In addition to prepping supper meals, I also make up breakfast options and side dishes. I like to have portioned chicken, rice and quinoa in the freezer, ready when I need it. Another thing I prep ahead is sauteed veggies (onions and peppers) to toss into soup, with pasta, or omelets.


My weekly goals are going to be listed each week, and next week I will share with you how I made out. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments, and we can keep this conversation going!

  • Drink my water! 
    (Last week was good most days)

  • Take my vitamins (including Karen Marine Phytoplankton
    (I did this every day! YEAH)

  • Prep meals ahead when possible
    (Freezer Meals are helping with this goal, and meal prep on Sunday for the rest)

  • Walk daily 
    (4 days of walking this past week)

  • Get to the Gym 2 times
    (NOPE, didn't get there...)

  • Work out at home 2 times
    (Did 3 workouts at home)

  • Cut back to 1 Coffee per day 
    This week I failed on this one 🙂 Still drinking too much coffee. Will keep this on my list this week!

  • NEW - Finish Purging and Organizing my Kitchen

Some items you may find helpful:

  1. I’m grateful you are sharing your journey! We are not alone!

  2. Thank you 🙂

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