My #80lbJourney Week 4 – One Month Results & Thoughts

My #80lbJourney – One Month Results & Thoughts


This week I have been working out at home, and a little stressed, but doing fine with calories and this morning’s weight proved I am doing okay! Check out my video blog for the details and a little insight into how I am doing, what I have struggled with and a few tips.
I chose not to write a long post and do the video instead this week, as it is more real for you to see me and the progress. I think I will do a video clip (much shorter) each week along with the posts.

This is about 10 minutes, sorry so long, but might help inspire someone to start their own journey.

Enjoy, and have a great week!

Sorry for the casual appearance, heading out to mow the lawn, no makeup…just keeping it real 🙂

Have a happy and healthy week!

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2 thoughts on “My #80lbJourney Week 4 – One Month Results & Thoughts”

  1. Awesome job on the video and your month’s weight loss. I started my journey in March and am down 19.5 lbs. Slow coming off now but signed on to myfitness app as well so will try to watch calories now.

  2. Thanks! And keep up the great work. We all lose at varying rates. I know that 10lbs is a good number for me starting as I have a large # to lose, but I also know it will slow down and take time. I have a 12-18 month goal to get the 80lbs off. Here’s hoping I am being realistic on that one 🙂

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