My #80lbJourney Week 1a – the starting point to a healthier me

My 80lb Journey – the starting point to a healthier me


Eighty pounds, that’s what I want to lose from my body, to be healthier, fitter and happier. Don’t get me wrong, I like myself, but I am not in love with how I feel and look. I have never been a person to worry much about my outward appearance or what others think of me, but lately, I have come to be very uncomfortable in my own skin. This is in large part due to the extra weight I have on my tall frame. Yes, I am tall, and my frame carries weight much different than someone shorter, but I am still very overweight.

Why am I sharing this? Simply put, I want to be accountable, so why not share my ups and downs with the world!?!
I also hope that by following my successes (and failures, let’s be realistic!) that it may help someone else along the way.

Off to a shaky start:

About a month ago something clicked in me and I decided enough is enough. Something has to be done and some changes need to be made. So I went grocery shopping, spent over $160 on fresh food, no packages of anything with additives or preservatives. I came home and prepped all the food, cooked chicken, chopped veggies and stored all my fresh produce in containers in my fridge. Then, I pulled a few things out of the freezer to make a healthy meal for supper….and life happened!

Between my mad prep of healthier options, picking one child up at school and picking my mom up at the airport, I ran out of time to make my planned healthier meal. I was sitting at the airport with less than an hour to get home, feed the family and make it to swim team practice with my oldest child. Here’s where I hauled out my phone and ordered pizza 🙁 Yup, goodbye healthy meal, hello my old friend, carb filled, greasy, cheesy goodness…straight to my hips, right?

Day 1 recap:

Not a complete failure, remember, I had a fridge FULL of healthier options, oh, and leftover pizza.

Lesson learned:

ALWAYS plan ahead and stop at the grocery store for a huge salad bowl next time.

Remember the chicken I prepped that afternoon, added to a salad would have been awesome! Also, don’t sacrifice healthy options to please everyone.

Had I thought healthier, I would have come home, had chicken and salad. But the easy route was to order pizza and make everyone happy, with no complaints and a quick turn around at the dinner table.

My Goals Moving Forward:

I sat down the next day and thought about what I need to do to be successful in the 80lb Journey. It’s quite simple.

I choose to make a couple changes to my routine each week, maybe more than a couple if I can stick with it. I will not start a “diet” or drastic weight loss program or exercise regimen. I NEED this to work for me, and I NEED it to last. 

Steps I have taken in the past month:

  • Started drinking more water – only 2-3 glasses a day, I was not drinking any before.
  • Removed sugar from my coffee – I was actually surprised that this change did not bother me at all. (that was about 4-6 Tbsp sugar a day)

This past month I have lost 4 lbs by making the decision to do these two things. It’s not much, but I wasn’t ready to take any big steps yet. From this point forward I will do a weekly recap to share my successes and struggles.

About me and my journey:

At 41 and 5’10” tall, last month I weighed just under 250lbs (249.2lb to be exact). Over the past 20 years I have been as low as 155lbs (when I got married), and gained 20lbs gradually for a couple years, hovering most of my pre baby years around 170-175lbs. I felt great and had very few body image issues at that time. How did I get to 250lbs,  (CLICK HERE) for those who like the details or to relate to my story. 🙂

Being tall I always had people say “but you carry your weight so well”. As with anyone, when weight creeps up slowly, we just don’t seem to notice and let it happen. You buy new clothes for work, and it is a size up from last time, so you pass it off as all stores having different sizing. That’s got to be what it is, right?

When I was younger, I never had to work to keep in shape. I exercised, but not excessively once I reached adulthood. I started working a desk job, and even walked to work everyday, but that was when the pounds started adding up. That is when I am guessing my metabolism was changing. That is when it would have been the best time to adapt a more active lifestyle. That is when I could have made a difference and it would have been easier. BUT, I didn’t and now I am 41 and ready to get a healthier me back.

Losing weight is the “goal setting” portion of my journey, but the ultimate goal for me is to be healthier, happier inside my head, and be able to keep up and join in with my active kids when they want to play, hike, swim, etc.

So, there you have it, a peek inside what I am doing and why. I know it’s probably very similar to many people my age who have weight that they are not happy with. Please follow along and comment, support each other and enjoy this journey. I would be happy to hear about your successes and support you through your setbacks.

This week’s goals:

  • Drink even more water.
  • No Sugar in my coffee.
  • No snacking at night (after 8pm).
  • Eat leafy salad one meal a day, minimum.
  • Start moving, go for a walk at least 2 evenings this week.

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5 thoughts on “My #80lbJourney Week 1a – the starting point to a healthier me”

  1. You’re doing great! Congrats! I lost 50lbs in the last year and a half and have hit a bit of a wall, but I’m determined to keep it up even if I don’t lose weight. Things that helped me are my Fitbit and couting calories to keep myself accountable. I tried not to change our meals too much, because I know that won’t go over well in my house, so what I did for myself was eat a smaller portion and add a quick salad. I buy romaine hearts at costco and wash them, cut them all up and keep it all in my salad spinner in the fridge. I also have a bit of an addiction to chocolate, so I buy small pieces and have a little each day, otherwise I’ll binge…….
    I’m looking forward to hearing what works for you!

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