My #80lb Journey- Reset & Let’s Try Again!

My #80lb Journey- Reset & Let's Try Again!

Here I am, after having a day of gorging yesterday, I am FEELING HORRIBLE. We had our ham dinner and birthday cake for supper last night...but we also had a Pizza Hut buffet lunch and bagels at breakfast.  That was after a week of trying to reset for me.

It was a successful week of staying on track pretty well with food, so yesterday was "cheat day" x 100! Lol Far too many carbs, and today I am taking note of this feeling for future reference. Reminding myself, "All in moderation, do not sabotage yourself."

Keeping It Real

Over the past few months it has been a challenge for me to keep on track with both food and exercise. Falling back into old habits is too easy, my motivation has dwindled and my anxieties have increased. None of this helps you make healthy choices. So I have gained some weight over the Winter and need to refocus now, so I can be in a better place mentally and physically going into next winter. Yes, I am thinking that far ahead, because now I know that I have to. 

Tomorrow I turn 42, and all I want is to FEEL better. Waking up each morning with back/hip pain and headaches and stiffness DOES NOT have to be my reality. Yes, I am getting older, but I don't need to feel worse every year...I would be a mess within a couple years if I let myself believe that age determines my health. It most certainly does not.

What I do want is to find ME again, somewhere in this brain and body of mine. It's not all about how I look on the outside or even how I feel physically, and these past months have been proof of that. While sorting through my thoughts, feelings and figuring out the reasons why I can't seem to stay on track with food and exercise, I have worked through some issues that were holding me back. I have been going to weekly weigh ins with Michelle at Sculpt Health & Wellness Riverview, and the scale has not made any major movement, but that is because I have not put in the work. I was not mentally there. At least not every week, but that's okay.

The week's I stay on track with the Sculpt program, I see results, but there has been a major standstill for me, and it has taken many weeks to talk it out (with Michelle...I call her weigh ins my mini therapy sessions!), and sort through some junk in my head and in my house. 

What Now?

As I am sit here feeling a little derailed, but not completely off track, I will confidently tell you, I am back in the right mindset and the scale or measuring tape, or clothing sizes are going to reflect that quickly. Through purging my brain and my clutter in my house (an ongoing process that feels awesome with each bag/box that goes out), I am back to the place I was when I started this journey. Determined to get to that point where I want to play soccer in the back yard with my 4 yr old, or go hiking on the weekends again, or put on a pretty outfit and go out with my husband. 

Clayton and I April 7, 2017

This is a new starting point for me, and I challenge you to take an in depth look at what you are doing, and why? Maybe it is not weightloss, but something else you want to do for yourself, but keep putting off. Whatever that thing is, get to it, find a way to be in the right head space, and go for it. 

My weekly goals are going to be listed each week, and next week I will share with you how I made out. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments, and we can keep this conversation going!


  • Drink my water!

  • Take my vitamins (including Karen Marine Phytoplankton)

  • Prep meals ahead when possible

  • Eat 3 high protein vegetarian meals this week (feel free to send me some tasty recipes 🙂 )

  • Walk daily with Clayton

  • Get to the Gym 2 times

  • Work out at home 2 times

  • Cut back to 1 Coffee per day




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