55 Uses for AVON Skin So Soft


The original scent of Avon Skin So Soft has been said to repel mosquitos for a long time now. Avon has developed a Skin So Soft Bug Guard spray in more recent years, but you can make your own bug spray with the oil and a few other simple ingredients. 

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Avon does not endorse its use for anything other than a bath oil. 


  1. It’s a bath oil and shower moisturizer.
  2. It makes a great make up remover.
  3. Use as a hot oil treatment to soften cuticles.
  4. Tired muscles can benefit from a massage, use Skin So Soft as a massage oil. 
  5. Cleans off tape marks left from bandages.
  6. Use it to clean ink off the skin.
  7. Insect repellent. (see below for recipe, at bottom of post)
  8. Helps relieve itching caused by dry skin.
  9. Reduces bite itching, dab on bug bites.
  10. When working on painting projects, use SSS to remove paint from the hands. 
  11. Rub on dry, cracked skin (heels and elbows),  helps heal skin in 2-3 days.
  12. Put 1-2 capfuls in liquid soap and use as shaving lotion. 
  13. Pour a little into your foot bath to help moisturize your feet while you relax.
  14. Use to remove chewing gum from hair, skin, and most nonporous surfaces.
  15. Cleans permanent ink off stamps.
  16. SSS Original Bath Oil works GREAT on Head Lice. Saturate head and let it set for 15 minutes (under a shower cap). Then rinse well. Shampoo hair a couple of times to get the oil out.
  17. It lessens the pain of removing bandages from children’s sensitive skin.
  18. Rub it around doors, windows, and on screens to keep crawling bugs out.
  19. Wipe on as wood cleaner and conditioner for natural wood.
  20. It removes glue left from price tags and labels from glass, metals, and most plastics.
  21. Remove soap scum from shower doors and curtains, and bathroom and kitchen figures. (make a past with baking soda if it is stubborn scum)
  22. It cleans ink off most vinyl and painted surfaces.
  23. It cleans heavy oil and grease from nonporous surfaces.
  24. Rub on brass ornaments or figurines to help keep them from turning dark.
  25. Removes crayon from appliances and most painted surfaces.
  26. Wash cupboards with it mixed in your cleaning water to keep ants off and out of the cupboards.
  27. Use it to clean leather; it will also keep it soft and supple.
  28. It cleans paintbrushes easily and leaves them soft as new.
  29. It removes gum from carpets.
  30. Use it on running rails for sliding glass doors and windows.
  31. It removes “ring around the collar”.
  32. It removes candle wax from furniture, carpets and clothing.
  33. Removes sticky labels form jars.
  34. Spray inside garbage cans, it will keep bugs and magots away all summer.
  35. It is a great furniture polish for real wood.
  36. Spray on rose bushes to keep the deer from eating them.
  37. It cuts grease and cleans dirt from range hoods.
  38. Add a capful to laundry water as fabric softner.
  39. Spray on flowers (cut or on bush) for added moisture and to keep bugs away.
  40. Tomato Plants: mix one part SSS and 2 parts water and spray on tomato plants to keep bugs off. Spray plants about every 2 or 3 days. 
  41. Removes crayon from most surfaces.
  42. Screens can be lightly sprayed with Avon SSS to repel tiny bugs that otherwise might slip though the screens.
  43. Spray directly on earwigs, spiders and ants to kill them.
  44. Use as a deodorizer, spray into air and let settle. (not over wood or tile flooring, as it could cause slippery spots)
  45. If a child wets the bed, spray the bedding and sheets before washing and will give it a fresh clean smell.
  46. Rub on your hands before and after working with your pets and farm animals. It will remove the strong smells.
  47. Black Fly Spray For Dogs: Use as a spray or a dip. 1 cup SSS, 1/2 cup liquid detergent and 3 gallons of water.
  48. Any tar or asphalt on the pads of dog’s feet can be cleaned off with SSS and then wipe off.
  49. Flea Bath: Use a flea and tick shampoo. Rinse so no soap residue is left. Follow with final rinse of 2 gallons of water mixed with flea dip and 1 capful of SSS. Skin So Soft helps replace the oils lost in bathing and has the added benefit of repelling insects.
  50. Use the following on horses and on dogs when necessary. 1-cup Avon SSS bath oil 1-cup white vinegar 1-cup (or more) water. Mix in a spray bottle. 
  51. Rub on your hands before and after working with pets and farm animals, it will remove pet odor.
  52. After washing your car, use it as a tire conditioner to keep them looking like new.
  53. Wipe down vinyl surfaces inside your car. Cleans nicely and shines.
  54. It gently cleans heavy grease and oil from skin and nonporous surfaces.
  55. WHEN CAMPING: Spray it on the outside of the tent around the door, it will keep mosquitos away.

Skin So Soft Bug Spray

  • 1/4 cup Skin So Soft
  • 3/4 cup Rubbing Alcohol
  1. Combine ingredients in a spray bottle to use as mosquito repellant.

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