27 Uses for AVON Bubble Bath

27 Uses for AVON Bubble Bath


Avon Bubble Bath is always on hand in our house and ready for cleaning, freshening or having a bath!

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If you plan to use Avon Bubble Bath for cleaning, be sure to pick a scent that is clear and not opaque. The ones that you cannot see through have moisturizers in them, that may cause streaks when cleaning.

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  1. Use to wash down the tub surround, shower walls and doors (Need a scrub? Check out this DIY Shower Cleaner)
  2. Leaves bathroom fixtures and mirrors shining
  3. Cleans the vanity top, cabinets, any surfaces, even your walls
  4. Can replace your body wash.
  5. Use paper towels soaked in 1 part bubble bath to 3 parts water. They make great baby or hand wipes. Store in a Ziploc bag in the car for easy cleanup.
  6. Works as a shampoo (I have done this, amazing!!)
  7. Good refill for liquid soap, it’s mild on the hands
  8. Use to clean combs and brushes, leaving no residue
  9. Helps reduce toilet bowl build-up. Place 1 cap full in the take every week.
  10. Wash your appliances for grease removal and a streak-free finish.
  11. Can be used to hand wash dishes in the sink. DO NOT use in a dishwasher.
  12. Use on cabinets and walls. Perfect for removing grease spatters.
  13. Clean the fridge inside and out. It will help remove odours. Choose a fruity or non-flowery scent.
  14. Use it as a laundry detergent and you no longer need a fabric softener. 1 cap full is all that’s needed to do a great job and to remove stains.
  15. Great for hand-washing delicate items. Frugal substitute for Woolite.
  16. Pre-treat stained items, this works especially great on grease stains. Just dab the stain with bubble bath and let sit for 10 minutes. Then wash as normal.
  17. Can be used to shampoo carpets, either the whole carpet or just spot cleaning (I used it in my carpet cleaner. Pick a scent you enjoy, it will keep the room smelling fresh for days.) Use 2 cap fulls to a large cleaning machine.
  18. Remove stains from upholstery by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in the bubble bath. Blot to remove stain and dampness.
  19. Cleans windows to a streak-free shine.
  20. Polishes all chrome household fixtures.
  21. Can be used to wash no-wax floors – use 1 cap full with 4-6 ltr of warm water.
  22. Will clean your jewelry.
  23. Use to clean your eyeglasses.
  24. Add to the children’s wading pool to keep the pool clean.
  25. Add to cleaning water for cars, campers or trailers. (interior and exterior surfaces)
  26. Use to test tires, blow up pools or gas lines for leaks.
  27. Use as Snail Repellent in the garden – mix equal parts water and bubble bath and spray on flowers. Do not spray directly on edible plants, spray soil around the base.

7 thoughts on “27 Uses for AVON Bubble Bath”

  1. Who new you could do so much? Great suggestions! 🙂

  2. Can you wash hardwood floors with Avon Bubble Bath

  3. Yes, I do, just use a cap full in a bucket of water. Make sure to wring the mop out well. Damp not soaking wet.

  4. I love sss and bubble bath to clean the 🏠 or organization or apartment…. HollyK.

  5. Will it remove wax from a car if used for washing the exterior?


  6. I remember as a child of the 60’s using the pink bottled bubble bath. Which one would that have been?

  7. I think the pink one you refer to was the original Avon bubble bath. However Avon ‘Somewhere’ was one of their top scents and creme parfum and sprays were in that range.

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