$25 Meal Plan – December 23

Here is this week’s $25 weekly meal plan. This week’s plan includes Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin & Hassleback Potatoes, Ham & Scallop Potatoes, Ham & Potato Soup, Fritta & Biscuits and Sausage Skillet.

The whole idea in sharing these plans is to inspire you to find lower cost options and plan ahead to save time and money. If you have specific dietary needs, you can alter some recipes or create your own plans. This is for inspiration, to prove it is possible to feed a family of 4 for supper meals on $25/week…customize as you wish. You can do it!

This $25 meal plan offers suggestions for anyone trying to really cut costs, while keeping meals as “real food” or “from scratch” and unprocessed as possible. These are not my personal weekly meal plans, I will share some of those from time to time in a seperate post.

Another great resource of meal planning and ideas is found on our Facebook Page under Videos. Check out the “In The Kitchen” series. I share recipes, meal prep, freezer meals and kitchen tips each week Live. If you follow the page, you will see a notification pop up when we are live! 


  • Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin & Hassleback Potatoes
  • Ham & Scallop Potatoes
  • Ham & Potato Soup
  • Fritta & Biscuits (Eggs and any veggies you have on hand, or frozen spinach, veggies, etc)
  • Sausage Skillet (Fry up potatoes, onions and sausage. You can add a fried egg on the side if you need more hearty meal)

Shopping List

  • 2 lb Pork Tenderloin $2.99/lb (IGA Coop) = $5.98
  • 10 lb Potatoes $3.99 (Sobeys)
  • 6.5 lb Ham $1.29/lb (Sobeys) = $8.40
  • 18 pk Eggs $2.66 (Walmart)
  • Bacon $1.97 (Wholesale Club)
  • Kolbassa Sausage $2.47 (Giant Tiger)

TOTAL: $25.47

On Hand

  • Onions
  • frozen veggies
  • butter
  • seasonings
  • spinach
  • milk (for Ham & Potato soup)

This weekly feature will have at least one meal plan for 4 to 5 supper meals that will feed a family of 4.

Most of the items purchased will be flyer or in store sales the week the meal plan is created, but most are meals that can be made any time the main ingredients are on sale, or by stocking up in pantry or freezer on items you can afford to purchase each week. By buying a couple extras when things are on sale, you can save much more over time. For more tips on grocery savings read our How To Save On Food articles.

Be sure to let me know if you are enjoying this weekly feature by commenting on the blog below. Your feedback is the best way to let me know I should keep doing something!

25 dollar meal plan December 23, 2018

How To Save On Food:


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  1. i love this new thing sales with matching recipes. Sounds great will help lots of people. Will you be doing this often?

  2. HI Alice, I have been doing these for the past year. If you search “meal plans” on the blog it will bring up more of these $25 meal plans.

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