10 Frugal & Fun Indoor Activities for Kids


This winter has presented many challenges with all the storms, and it’s not over yet! Then there’s Spring which is guaranteed to have some rainy days, and be an extra messy season with all the snow melting 

If you’re like me, you are searching books & websites frantically for things to keep the kids busy inside while the weather outside just isn’t cooperating.
I’ve put together a list of 10 Frugal & Fun Indoor Activities for Kids loved by all ages. I tried to keep the equipment required limited to things most people would have at home.

1. Limbo Party

Grab a broom or mop handle, even a skipping rope could work, hold it at shoulder level. Play music and continue to lower the broom after each child does the limbo.

2. Painters Tape

If you have a roll of painters tape around, you can use it to create activities for an entire day!!
Indoor Hopscotch:
How to play
Draw a hopscotch board on the floor with painter’s tape and give each player a game marker—a beanbag or rolled up sock. Each player, in turn, throws their marker on the board, starting in square one. (If the marker lands outside the box, they miss their turn and the next person goes.) He then hops on one foot in each square to the end of the board, hopping over the square containing his marker, then turns and hops back, retrieving his marker. Player’s lose a turn if they step on a line. The first to get their marker to 10 wins.
Create large roads for play cars & trucks, another activity to do with the taped roads would be to give the children a Frisbee or plastic plate to be a steering wheel and pretend to drive on the road while running and turning the plate.
You could also create a long jump, or a balance line for walking toe to toe with arms extended. And once they have mastered that, you can have them place the Frisbee/plate on their head and try again.

3. Bake

Children love to bake. Mine love to make banana bread, plus it’s a great way to use up those spoiling bananas or the ones frozen for later use.
Try Natalie’s recipe here.

4. Have a parade 

For this one you can use kitchen items, like banging 2 wooden spoons together, a juice jug fill of utensils, a pot and spoon to bang like a drum etc.  Parade around the house making your own music or play music to accompany you. 

5. DIY Puzzle

Choose a magazine page or the front of a colouring book for example, glue it to a piece of cardboard (the kind that comes in the back of Dollarstore computer paper, for example), make your own puzzle lines, cut it and allow children to spend time making the puzzle.
You can make it as easy or difficult as you want. If multiple children make one, they can trade puzzles as well.

6. Inside Blanket Tent & Picnic

Bring out some large blankets, to drape over furniture. Set up a picnic blanket for the picnic outside the tent and more blankets for sleeping bags inside the tent. Grab a flashlight and books to read inside the tent.

7. Balloons

Kids love balloons. I like to keep them on hand. The possibilities are endless, all ages love the game of trying to keep the balloon from touching the ground, which is great played individually or as a team! They could also; race with it between their knees, play volleyball, rub it in their hair and make static in the mirror.
For 30 more great ideas from Hands On As We Grow, CLICK HERE.

8. Play Book Store

You need a toy cash register for this one. Don’t have one? Make it out of a shoe box & duck tape or whatever supplies you have.  Play money is fun but not required (borrow board game $). Old gift cards will also do the trick just fine!! (Just make sure the register has a place to swipe). Elect a cashier & provide recycled bags.
Set up books that are for sale. The children can shop, pay, and later have a turn to be the cashier too. I love this activity because I encourage the children spend time reading the books they “purchased”.

9. Do a Science Experiment

Baking Soda Vinegar Volcano:
All you need is a large container, baking soda and vinegar.
Place baking soda in the container and then pour in some of the vinegar and watch for the reaction to take place.  You can use a tube or smaller container in the Center for a more intense reaction.
20 More Science Experiments can be found on Playdough to Plato, HERE.

10. Create a Toy Rotation

Not so much a rainy day activity, but rather something you could do in advance to prepare for it.
If your like my family, your children have too many toys and never seem to play with them!! Here are 2 tips I have if you are experiencing this in your house: I purchased a few large Rubbermaid bins (Walmart Anniversay Sale $4) and store toys away for a few months at a time. When I bring them back – it’s like they are new again and it occupies them for a few hours.
The second is that I bought large clear bins when I found a clearance at superstore (less that $3 each)!
I separated toys that are a “set” like marble works, kitchen set food, pet shop, dress up, etc. I keep them out of reach (closet shelves) and offer them periodically and ensure they are returned to the bin after.
I hope these tips will help you to plan your day next time your stuck inside!

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