The Imperfect Parent – Snack Time, Are You THAT Mom?

The Imperfect Parent - Snack Time, Are You THAT Mom?

Do you fret about what to pack for snacks, how to pack them, and wonder what others are doing?

You know how it goes, you go to the park, mall or a playgroup, everyone is watching you as you haul out the snacks for your child. Or at least you THINK they are all watching you. Honestly, every parent is probably feeling judged for the umpteenth time during their day already, they are likely all sheepishly hauling out their snacks as well.


Sunday Meal Prep – Seemed too easy this week

SUNDAY MEAL PREP - Seemed too easy this week

This week I chose to cheat a little by, once again, picking up 2 rotisserie chicken for $15. I almost purchased 3 chicken for $21, but then when I thought about it, I can get 2 cooked for $15, so that is easy and affordable.

My meal prep is done for all of our meals, so there are some breakfast, lunch, supper and snack preparations happening in this post each week.