Savings Articles

Here are some additional savings related articles you may find useful.
How To Save When Online Shopping:
How To Start Saving More:
How To Save With Kids:
How To Save For Holidays:

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  1. Does anyone know if you get points when you buy gift cards for Shoppers Drug Mart if you buy one of their own cards? The same for Atlantic Superstore, if I buy one of their gift cards for their own store do you get points for buying the card? I know that you get points when you use them but I was just curious because there are many times like this weekend when Shoppers has their points weekend but there is no way I need $75 worth of product from there but if I got points on the cards then I could buy the cards and then use them anytime?

  2. You only get base points for the Shopper’s gift cards. So if you buy a $75 card you would get 750 pts. NO bonus points on gift cards. You would only get the points when you spend the gift card.
    If you have coupons, the value for the $75 is your subtotal before the coupons come off….so it would cost less than $75 out of pocket to get the points.

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