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There, I said it...I am over 40, feeling alone at times and needing to make some real connections and lasting friendships.

Sound desperate? I might have thought that a few years ago, but the truth is, as a woman and a mom, my focus for over a decade has been on my kids and family.

Now at almost 42, comes the realization that I need a group of women around to inspire me, lift me up and also to be there for when they need someone. Don't get me wrong, there are a few people in my life that are close friends, even though we see little of each other, or may live in other cities. What I am feeling at a loss for is the community of like minded women, a group who are local, varied in likes and talents and there to support each other.  Wanting for those times when you can just grab a coffee, go to a movie, try a new class or just be there and chat with another woman, without feeling like it is a chore or something you have to schedule a month in advance. 

I  have had various businesses over my life and spent most of the last 14 years as a "stay at home mom". Now with my youngest starting school in the Fall, I realize that my connections in the community are not personal. I know many people and have connections with many businesses. My online connections are strong, but the in person friendships are few and far between. It was not a conscious decision to let my friendships slip away, but the excuse of being busy, focused on family or my business, caused me to be a little lonely. When I want to see a movie or grab a coffee, I always find a excuse not to "bother" this person or that person. 

In the past 3 months I have made an effort to reconnect with a few people. In doing so, I have also met some new people. One of those fabulous introductions happened online through a friend who shared an event that is being hosted by Fabulous @ 50 NB tonight.

Fabulous @ 50 New Brunswick is a group run by Juanita Wilson. She saw a need in New Brunswick to empower women over 40 (give or take) and help them connect to inspire and support each other. 

Photography by Helene Jones (click on photo for more info)

Juanita found Fabulous @ 50 online and through their website found her business opportunity to start a New Brunswick chapter and grow the Fabulous @ 50 community on the East Coast!

Through a variety of events, as well as print and online publications, Fabulous @ 50 sends the message to women that it is never too late to follow our dreams and find our purpose and passion. Being part of this community encourages us to use our wisdom and talents to connect and grow.  Through a virtual and live community, women are reminded that they are not alone. 

Fabulous @ 50 empowers women to connect with each other and celebrate their fabulousness.

Join the Fabulous @ 50 NB Facebook page and see what is happening in our community. Join in the events and become a VIP Member. 

Sign Up for Be Fabulous eMagazine here and join a growing community of mature women across Canada.


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