Let’s Save Both Time & Money on Back To School

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The back to school madness has started and we are all looking for ways to cut costs this time of year. There are new book bags, sneakers, clothing, school supplies and lunch supplies. The list can be long and expensive. 

Our plan of attack when it comes to getting the best bang for our buck, includes a few steps and a really great tool, RedFlagDeals.com's App. Check out all the tips and details of how we shop for the Best Back To School Savings.


Kitchen Tip – How to Dice Onions

Tip of the day- how to dice onions.

It sounds simple enough, right? Just cut it up... I used to always dice up my onions by cutting the in half and placing the flat side down, then cut one way and then the other. When I would get to the end I was holding, the chunks would get bigger and uneven as there was less to hold onto. (more…)

Frugal Friday: Roasted Cauliflower Recipe


Here is a recipe for this week's deal on cauliflower!
We picked up 4 heads of cauliflower last night for $1.50 each. Here is one recipe I have made so far. We love cauliflower and this is just one way to prep it.
Roasted Cauliflower