Winter Road Trip Check List

Winter Road Trip Check List

We are trying harder this year to enjoy more time outside in the Winter. In Eastern Canada, we tend to get a large accumulation of snow most years. This is great if you are into skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or other snow related activities. 

As I have been planning activities this Winter, checking out festivals (such as the Jack Frost Festival in PEI), looking for activities to do as a family, or seeking venues to visit within a few hours of our home, I got to thinking about what to take with us. Packing the car up for a Winter Road Trip is a little different than what I pack in the warmer Summer months.

In our vehicle, we pack a Road Trip Kit, and now have different seasonal lists of what to pack. You can find these printable lists for Summer or Winter, as well as a Basic Car First Aid Kit, and Emergency Car Kit right here on this site.

As you get ready to head out to enjoy the Winter activities on the road, be sure you are prepared for the trip by using this handy Winter Road Trip Check List.

~ Blanket
~ Flash Light & Batteries
~ Water Bottle /one per person
~ GPS or Maps (print off map for the kids)
~ Phone & Car Charger
~ Notebook & Pencils
~ Cooler (with meals and/or snacks)
~ Extra Pair of Wool Socks
~ Extra Shoes/Boots
~ Mittens,Hats & Scarves (extras)
~ Sweaters / additional layers
~ Extra Set Keys
~ Window Scraper & Brush
~ First Aid Kit (purchase or make your own)
~ Cash/ Change (Tolls and in emergency)
~ Camera
~ Baby Wipes / Wet Wipes
~ Kids Activities /  Games
~ Electronics & charge cables (Tablet, DVD, etc)
~ Headphones
~ Windshield Washer Fluid (extra jug)
~ Sunglasses
~ Large Jug Water (for refills)
~ First Aid Kit (purchase or make your own)
~ Car Emergency Kit (purchase or make your own)
~ Bag of Sand or Kitty Litter
~ Folding/ Compact Shovel


Other printables you may find useful:


tgiF- Who Are You, Really?

think. grow. inspire Friday -Who are you, really?

When I was working in the Human Services field, there is a term in use “Social Role Valorization”. Basically it means that society tends to identify certain groups of people as “different” and therefore of lesser value. For example, the difference in our perception of people asking for money. If we see a homeless person doing it, we call it begging, if it is a sports team, we call it fundraising. Our “social roles” are how we identify ourselves and others. So who are we really?

When I was born, I was an only child. That changed when my brother was born 3 years later. I became a big sister, and the only girl in the family. That changed when my sister was born when I was 5. Now I was the oldest of three, the responsible one, the helper.

At this time, I started kindergarten at the school where my father was the Principal. I’m sure I was treated differently by some of the teachers because of this. I know that I got a lot of attention from older students. When I started grade 2, we moved to St. John’s from the small community where we lived, and I became “the new girl”. Through my elementary and junior high years, I was the day dreamer, the bookish one, and the one who just didn’t do well in gym. I was nerdy, and an outsider, even in the group of kids in the neighbourhood.

Then there was another move, this time to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Where the new girl in school started over again. I was also a Newfie on the mainland, who spoke just a bit differently than everyone else. I made friends with a girl who lived close by and who was involved in the school band, so I tagged along with her to all of the band functions. Now I was a teenager, and socially awkward, and trying so hard to be one of the crowd.

Three years later, and another move. This time to Moncton, the summer before I started grade 12. The new girl again, but now in a school where everyone had grown up with each other, and were preparing to graduate from high school. I became Ray’s girlfriend.

Five years after that, I became Ray’s wife.

In the years that followed, I became a stay at home mom and a working mom. I am a Black Belt, a body builder and a Bikini competitor.  I am a business woman, a writer, a friend and supporter to my friends.

So when I look at all the roles I fill in my life. I sometimes (often) wonder if I am doing the right thing at the right time. So many times I am “being” one person, and feeling guilty that I am not “being” another. Trying to be all things to all people is a sure recipe for disaster. I am learning to be in the “now moment”, and it’s not always easy. So many things vie for our attention, and it is hard to shut them off and focus on the project at hand. And to get back to my original paragraph, it is how we value ourselves in each of these roles that impacts us the most.

So, my challenge for you all this week, is to identify your different roles and to recognize the value you have in each one of them, and if one takes over a bit more time than the others, then give yourself permission to be that person.

Thank you for reading today!  tgiF!



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